Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holidays and mental illness

Halloween has passed, Christmas is coming. The fine food in between makes my tummy a-rumbling. Thanks giving is coming up and I can't wait to be a gluten for a day and have an excuse. Thanks giving is the most yummy holiday of all.
Alright, enough with trying to say something nice about whatever holiday it is. We have so many holidays I could post every day on a holiday. Its time for a little action (or maybe not). Speaking of not action, a funny thing happened to me about a year ago. The youth in our church were going up to the mountains for a retreat. On the way we stopped at McDonald's (I advise you all to stay far away from that place). We ordered our food and walked over to get our drinks. (If you're familiar with fast food places then you'll know that there are two types of soda dispensers, the kind you push with your finger and the kind you push with your cup.) It so happened that it was the kind that you push with your cup. I turned to my brother and jokingly began to poke a sticker on the machine.
"The soda's not coming out." I said in the dumbest voice I could.
Just then the lady standing next turned and pushed down the cup button.
"It works like this," she said. "Now you try. Very good!"
She must of thought I was mentally ill. I played along then walked over to our table. As we left the lady waved goodbye and I gave the worst smile ever. I doubt she's figured it out yet.