Monday, March 17, 2008

more of my drawings

This is a cat character I made up. His name is Lewis. He actually was just a random drawing, but I liked him, so I gave him a name. (Which is a big deal for a random cat off the street.)

This was a spoof of a Mario game. "Pinball Plankton" was the name I gave this one. It was a strange and weird idea. So I don't mind if you laugh... at THIS drawing.

"No comment"

This was an accident, but now it's the guy who was playing bass on Saturday. His name is Joel (Joe El).

This is a crazy guy I made. This one was on purpose. So not all of them were accidents. =^)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

other drawings

This is a picture I drew just for fun. I was making a caricature of a guy I've never seen. I was half making fun of caricatures in this picture. Well I think it's ok for a not so awsome drawing.

This is a robot I made up for a T.V. show. His name is Mell. The floating ball undernithe isn't touching the ground (just by the way). He and the ball are floating in the air. It just looked confusing for you guys to me.