Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is a "back cover" explaination of the book I'm writing. And yes I'm still editing.

Janovo is a young twelve year old boy living in a world full of fantasy and adventure. He and his mother live alone in Bravin since his father died and his two older brothers went to war against the evil Gath army. Nothing seems to change after three years of being alone with his mother, until one day he discovers the world beyond the walls that encircle Bravin.
Janovo awakes on his birthday and everything is the same as usual. But that night a stranger comes to their house unexpectedly. It’s his oldest brother John. Everything seems good and happy with the arrival of his brother until two days later.
Two royal guards come to their house early in the morning. They take them out into the forest where they wait in a long line. Everyone in the city has gathered to see if they can pull the magic shield off of the stone boulder. After a long wait it is finally their family’s turn. After his mother and brother John both fail, Janovo comes out victorious.
He is quickly rushed to the castle where he hears the shocking news. The King’s second son has been kidnapped by the evil wizard of Gath. Now it is up to Janovo to save him.
The next day Janovo (accompanied by his brother John) set out on their quest to save the prince. On the journey, they meet new people who help them in their adventure. But on their quest, they come across many dangers. They have to go up against goblins, giants, dragons, and other strange creatures and obstacles. As they move forward, problems between the companions arise making it difficult to move on. Do they defeat the wizard? Do they save the prince and return back home again? Find out in this exciting new book Janovo Autumn and the Magic Shield, by me, Matthew Davis.


Ben said...

Sounds awesome! Better get to ur editing so we can read it.

Jaden said...

Great job! It sounds very interesting. I can't wait to read it!

Lisa Wright said...

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sounds like a great story, can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(haylie, not my mom, she doesn't post things on hear...)