Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm back and I'm armed

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. It certainly feels better to be back. In my older posts I used to show pictures made by a pencil and my hand. I still draw and my style has improved greatly, but lately I've been.... picturing something else. As you can see by the picture above I've gotten into amateur photography. This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken. I did nothing to the colors and I didn't crop it. This is 100% fresh off the camera.
Nature is a wonderful gift from God. Without it the world would not only be nothing, but it would be a lot less beautiful. I've found myself stumbling into its wonders and I am compelled to shoot it. At first I thought it meant I was supposed to pull out my shotgun and run havoc. But then I shot it with a different weapon, a camera. Since then I've been taking pictures like there's no tomorrow. To bad the computer is getting loaded with so many photos.

1 comment:

Ben said...

And what great photos you have taken!
Now you can post drawings because Zac has a scanner.

Great work! I look foreword to the future!